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The success of the STAFFROOM in 9st contributed to the launch of the IFS outlet. 



As the first successful Speakeasy cocktail bar in the South West, the owners chose to continue with this feature. And because of the products and service positioning upgrade, the new outlet located in Chongqing IFS , combined of The Fisher Seafood Restaurant and cocktail bar. And we were fortunate enough to be part of the bar design. 



After communicating with the operation team, we quickly put forward the design key points of ocean, voyage, mystery etc. The overall design context, we built it on a virtual people basis - A sailor sailing around the world, tasting seafood everywhere, as time goes by, sailor no longer sailing, and finally chose to open a restaurant by the sea to share the world's delicacies with more people. And the bar that extends from the back of the dining area is the sort of fantastic experience he'll never forget in his sailing life, as if he had returned to the undersea theatre deep in Atlantis.  


If we compare the dining room to a living room, sailors tend to serve friends from all over the world and live a normal life. And when night fell, he returned to the world of his own which he still yearned for and missed, floating boat on the ocean, watching the stars of the sky, accompanied with music, a sip of wine with a story, looking back at the shore of the lights staggered, a picture of memories and fantasy flashed across his mind. ..... 


n physical space, we divide the passageway between the two into two sections, and the section connected to the dining room is set up as a sailor's studyroom. Walking up the stairs, as if after a busy day back to the room rest, take off his jacket here, chill and mysterious lightly dab the wine glass, the fireplace creaked, the hidden door slowly opened, a sparkling undersea time tunnel appear in front of the eyes, slowly step in, as if slowly  walk towards the bottom of the sea, towards the past. 


Suddenly he caught a glimpse of the starlight, guided by the stars on both sides, down to the depths of the bar, and in a moment he felt some confusion as to which time or world it belonged. Maybe, this is the fisherman's dream. 



The structure of the VIP area is like the throne of the king of the sea, towering in the space, overlooking the whole venue, the low partition in the centre area is like the ruins of the ancient city of Atlantis sinking into the bottom of the sea, each table are separated, surrounded by the stars, the sailor slowly sits down, the back bar are stacked, like the lights of the house on the shore, looked carefully , the curtains are slowly opened, each family is telling the story of the beautiful footage, as if it is watching a dance of life, and all the pictures rise up, is the sailor's most intense yearning, like the sea king, to conquer his enemies and love.


The sailor gently opened the yellowing shabby book, which contained the stormy storm, which contained the damp and dreary cabin, and the beautiful remnant of the ancient city wall by the shore, accompanied by melody, and swallowed another mouthful of wine. ..... 



You, are the ocean. 



Project Information | 项目信息

Location:IFS,Jiangbei District,Chongqing,China


Design Director:Steven · 文超,Nielsen · 聂鑫

Design Assistant:Nielsen · 聂鑫

construction:Kevin · 袁工

Business planning:MuchMuch

Construction drawing:璞绘深化 · Secret 刘雪梅

Photos from : 言隅空间摄影 · 纳信

Illustration:Potato 姚媛莉


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