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SND: 120㎡buyer's shop, soft in rough contrast


Many years ago, with the concept of "City·Shadow", a store with rich levels was created for SND.


After years of development, the core concept has not changed, but SND has become more avant-garde. This time, we were once again entrusted to design the storefront in the new shopping center, and we communicated with the owner many times to clarify the new direction.


The shop is located at the main entrance of Chongqing TheRing Shopping Center, with relatively obvious location advantages and superior property conditions. SND conducts data analysis on customers in this area in order to increase the passenger flow of shops. Combined with the standard store standards set by this project for the brand, the positioning of this store has gradually become clear, which is a sales place that serves the brand's precise customers in this area.


A dynamic space, an art gallery-style experience


Fully display all brands and all categories, and meet the rigid needs of customers, has become the design principle of this project.


In the plan, we roughly divided the space into four areas. Separate shoe and hat area, ready-to-wear display area, VIP and dressing area, and logistics area. However, in the later stage of the argumentation process, in order to facilitate the matching of customers, we integrated the display of shoes and hats into the ready-to-wear display area.


The entrance area is more responsible for the function of atmosphere creation. We hope that after the guests enter, there will be a warm and artistic transitional space. First, it is different from ordinary clothing stores, and then has a preliminary selection of customers; second, it highlights the brand image and characteristics. This triangular space will attract attention in the way of art windows.


After entering the exhibition area through a narrowed doorway, the whole space is open and bright. It has the same spatial atmosphere as a museum or art gallery, but at the same time it has to make the goods appear rich and have a shopping experience of shopping. 


Therefore, in this space, we adopted a fully open approach, filling the space with only some short partitions and display props, and shifting more attention to the top surface and the facade materials.


In the VIP area, we choose appropriate wood materials to soften the atmosphere of the space, make the space more warm, and make customers feel more relaxed, thereby extending the time of customer stay and improving sales efficiency.


A different texture, flower in the stone


First have the overall space conception, and then think about how to give the whole space meaning. This is also the design thinking method that distinguishes this project from other projects.


SND has always been adhering to the attitude of breaking through and being independent of the world. And clothing is not just clothing, but a transmission medium of ideas and culture. Therefore, we extracted three key words: breakthrough, independence, and communication. We look for elements and languages with these three characteristics in the things around us, among which the "flower in the stone" stands out. Therefore, we compared the stone to the space and the flower to the clothing. The material and texture of the space were determined smoothly.


The whole space is a boulder, presenting a gray rustic or even slightly rough texture, which forms a strong visual and tactile contrast with the delicate and soft clothing, which makes the clothing very well set off. 


As for the background space, it is embellished with partial metal, combined with a completely natural light environment, making the clothing and space look like a flowered stone and a flower in a stone crevice. This image is independent but not obtrusive, and fits well with the brand's idea of output.



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